Friday, June 25, 2010

First & Second Nights on the Road

First Night - Indiana Dunes State Park on the shores of Lake Michigan. Got there in tome to climb to the top of the dunes and look at the lake - then run back and listen to the tornado warnings on the weather radio. Had to wait an hour in the car as the storm passed and then set up the tarp in the rain. Leo and I ate our beans, Vienna sausage and fruit cocktail-- Yummy! Next day we actually got to the beach. Leo swam in the surf with a steel mill in the background. Earlier we passed the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart IN. There was one Camry in the parking lot. Mosquitos were terrible - it was hot & clammy - not the best night sleep. Limbs were down all over the park. But the Park Workers are apparently Teamsters and they were on srtike. So the trees were being cleared by scabs being guarded by Shereiffs Deputies. Sounds like they need a Labor Relations Person.

Finally got a cold shower and left about 8:00 am EDT. Weather cleared and I decided to go across Route 30 as opposed to the interstate. Big mistake! Traffic light every mile - 3 hours to go 55 miles. Finall got to I- 80 and cruised. Passed Ronald Regans birthplace in Illinois and the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in Iowa. No big line of cars to get there. But lots of signs along the highway advertising theat the roadwork is Economic Stimulus money. Well out of battery - more of day 2 later.


  1. My Dad drove from Anchorage to Ft. Lee, Virginia in 1975, via the ALCAN Highway through Canada and across the USA. It took him about a week of hard driving, but he told me afterward that he wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world. Hope you have a safe, but wonderful trip, Sandy.

  2. Glad to see you're living like a true namad. I'm all hooked up with google mail and working on my own blog. Thanks to you, your "Learning how to do a blog" was very informative and I feel as computer savvy as you are now. Looks like a business opportunity. Maybe you can find a Panera Bread out there and juice up your battery and get a bath in their restroom while you're there. Take care and I'll be checking in. Cathy