Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Into the Prairie !


We left off in Kenora Ontario. Around Lake of the Woods. Lake of the Woods is really a series of bays feeding into one huge lake. It is all rugged granite, hilly territory. Everyone has a boat – maybe three. So when we left Kenora, it was raining and it did so on and off the whole day. Strong winds from the NW. We crossed ito manotoba nad the hills started to smooth out a bit but still with the birch and pine forest. Then about 30 miles into Manitoba, the forest disappeared completely and it became the flattest most featureless prairie that you could imagine. I could only imagine the steppes of Russia.

The are is planted in wheat, hay and canola. However it has been so wet here that the big rolls of hay are just sitting in the fields rotting. – shame. Winnipeg is right in the middle of the flat stuff. A nice city – definitely has a Canadian flavor to it. About 30 miles west of Winnepeg, the land begins to have some contour again. So we went up the hill to Riding Mountain Provincial Park. We were very alone – but nice facilites including a heated shower. Leo and I dined on steak and fried potatoes. And it was cold this am – about 49. Sleeping bag felt good. 391.5 miles 50.39 N, 99.57 W

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