Monday, June 21, 2010

Here we go!

First Leg. Made it to Sugar Grove. The car and the carrier ride well. Very little loss of gas mileage. We passed a car fire on I-66 and summertime construction south of Breezewood. Look out if you are headed toward Pittsburgh.

But the big news was on the local Warren Pa radio station this morning. Four Amish boys were arrested for underage drinking. Two were riding on top of the buggy. We don't know if their buggy driving licenses were suspended or not. Anyone know a good Amish Attorney?


  1. Sandy, I'm enjoying your BLOG. Where are you today? How long do you plan to stay in Sugargrove? Yes, I agree with John. Leo does look happy. You must not have hit the jalapenos yet. I'm going to Quick Lunch today. I'll have a chili dog for you ! (smile). Stay SAFE and have FUN. Cheryl

  2. Just look at all the provisions packed on top of the car! You didn't say you were eating your way to Alaska - Karla