Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Prairie -Saskatchewan to Alberta


Left Riding Mountain around 8:15 EDT. And we are at Pike Lake Provincial Park just south of Saskatoon.. Another nice city.

I am fascinated with the prairie. The highway is two lane but it is not crowded and it is so flat and straight that passing is not a problem. Also fascinated with the railroads. They really know how to use them up here. The government owns some of the rail cars and some of the trains are ¾ of a mile long. I guess it is all for grain and potash. We have passed several potash processing plants – lots of fertilizer up here. But the railroad keeps trucks off of the road.

The whole prairie is dotted with lakes. Some of the lakes rival our NY Finger lakes. I have seen some farm ponds big enough to water ski on and many puddles are big enough for Leo to swim in. Which is exactly what he did after chasing a Prairie Dog in a roadside rest area. So, we got into and through Saskatoon , another nice city - modern and booming. Finally found the state park – this one is a disappointment. Good amenities – including a laundry – so I did some wash. But it is dirty – gravel, fire pit ashes and really hard to keep Leo clean after he goes running in the flooded drainage ditch behind the campsite. But he’s a dog and there was a deer back there, so we had to chase.

By the way, it is 11:20 pm EDT and I am still sitting at a picnic table in the light typing this (10:20) pm CDT)

391.7 Miles today 51.53 N, 106.48 W

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