Saturday, July 10, 2010

Anchorage and on to the Kenai Peninsula

Good night sleep in the roadside rest and got an early start. Found out that the views of Denali are much better from the southern end of that park than from the park road – see pics.

Went on in to Wasilla. I took a picture of one of the local roadsigns. Alaska and Powhatan have a lot in common. Roadsigns provide travel information and also serve as targets. Here, you can buy a Colt .357 Magnum in Walmart.

So, I stopped to see Sarah Palin to ask her where in Wasilla I could see Russia. She was busy in the shower so we did not get a chance to chat.

Time to get rid of the Maypop tires. Got tires at Sam’s Club in Anchorage – no gouging – all good. Toured Anchorage a little bit – some cool stuff, the Statehood Memorial. Could never find a visitor center. Has a touristy strip, then it just looks like any other town.

Getting out to the Kenai Peninsula is beautiful. Cook Inlet tidal flats are impressive. Water is slate gray from all of the run off from the mountains. And this is where the bears are because these are the coastal rivers where the salmon spawn.

Saw the Portage Glacier – that’s just a small one. Camped in Chugach Nat’l Forest. It will take a little longer to break camp tomorrow because I had to pack everything in the car because of bears – plus it is raining and turning cold. Oh well, all part of the fun. Where else can you pay $18.00 and wake up with snow capped mountains out your window? Tomorrow Seward and Homer

Trail River Campground, Chugach National Forest. 10 Miles South of Moose Pass AK
320.8 miles today 60.25 N, 149.23 W Starting to rain - no big deal


  1. Back to real civilization again! Did you still remember how to handle actual stop lights and 2 lane traffic? Karla

  2. Karla,
    Have you every seen Sandy handle stop lights?