Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010 - The mad dash home

Here we are in Lexington Kentucky - another university town, home of the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

It is 91 Degrees outside at 8:30 pm when we just got back from eating 2 McDonalds fish sandwiches. I am out of Ramen, but I suppose I could have had some beans or ravioli instead.

However, it is not good camping weather with a -15 F rated sleeping bag. Even though I'm not sure it would be comfortable at -15 F, I guarantee you it would not be comfortable at 91.

By the way, did you know that dogs will eat fish? Not nearly as good as fresh caught Alaskan halibut - but they are not picky.

So, anyway. This post is more for the record than entertainment. 574.9 miles today. From Iowa, through Illinois and Indiana, past Louisville - always a favorite place - and halfway through Kentucky on I-64. I will submit one more post tomorrow with the total mileage. So far, from when I left the Midlothian Kroger on June 20, 2010, it has been 13,906 miles - about 4,000 more than I originally estimated but I think that is just because I elected to wander around Alaska a little more than I intended. Same with several of the roads in Canada, Route 99 in particular.

GPS says it is 481.6 miles home from this hotel room - piece of cake!

38.03 N, 94.25 W

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