Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to Fairbanks - and a shower

The road was a little better today – drier. So managed to make good time. Took a few more pics of the same stuff only because the sun was out. Saw two moose cows with calves and managed to get some pics of the one pair.

Picked up Jeremy at the Yukon river. Jeremy was about 40 and he lived with his Mom and Dad in a cabin about 4 miles off of the highway on the Yukon River. Says he has 40 acres. (But no mule) . Jeremy is a trapper and a “Master Carpenter” hitching his way into Fairbanks to do a job. As payment for the ride, he gave me a lucky Lynx paw from an animal that he trapped himself. He and his Mom had a little souvenir stand by the side of the road and they were selling various pelts.

When we got to town, Jeremy directed me to a place where I could wash the car, do some laundry and get a shower. Yes, Virginia, you can buy a shower in Alaska - $5.00 for 15 minutes of hot water.

After I finished my man and machine maintenance, I headed for a campground and found the wheels shimmying like crazy. I ha washed off some but not all of the perfectly spin balance caked on mud inside the wheels of the car. I never dreamed that there would be so much. Anyway, stopped by the side of the raod and used my rusty old bayonet and dug out the rest of the mud.

Tomorrow, back to the tour Center and on to Denali then Anchorage.

346.7 Miles, 64.26 N, 146.51 W Harding Lake Recreational Area.

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