Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seward and Homer - Not the Simpsons

We started the day with rain and we ended the day with rain. Getting used to being soggy. But exciting stuff today. First, pics of the Kenai River – like all Alaskan Rivers, run very swift. Then on to the Exit Glacier at the head of Resurrection Bay – no, that is not the Glacier exit off of I-95.

Did not get to walk all the way up to it – again because I have the dog. Dogs absolutely not allowed on the trails because they say that dogs and bears do not get along. Really? Hmm – I’m beginning to think that man’s best friend should have stayed home. Oh well, a little late for that now.
Then on to Seward. This place was neat. A mix of tourist because that is where the cruise ships come in – Holland America and Princess busses all lined up – and real working fishing village. You can see some of the pics of the “Most Dangerous Catch” boats. One picture of an old rusted propeller and engine must have been a real problem for someone. Scenery was terrific except there was just too much fog for any real panoramic shots.

Then back up the road to Homer. On the way – about 5-6 miles from where we camped last night, Mr. Brown Bear crossed the road in front of us. I can now tell the difference between a black bear and a brown bear.

Again, some of the scenery to Homer was great. A little less rugged with some very pretty valleys. Passed through Soldotna – it has a Safeway and into Homer. Homer has got to be the RV Mecca of the Western Hemisphere. I have never seen so many. All parked out on Homer spit – a little strip of land that sticks out into Cook Inlet for about 6 miles. The last two miles are lined with souvenir shops, local artisans, bars (and more bars) and restaurants. Again, a tourist trap. This is where the Hoka Hey riders finished the race. Looks like some commercial fishing – a monument to the local seafarers.

By the way, Homer was the westernmost point of this trip for me. 151.31 W, 59.38 N

Now back to Anchorage for an oil change and on to Skagway and Haines Junction – and a Ferry Ride. Finished the “Moose of the Day” On the road out of Homer.

327.8 miles today, 53 Degrees F, Lt Rain, 60.31 N, 150.42 W

By the way, this was updated in a Jiffy Lube in Anchorage while I was getting my second oil change. Hard to beleive - a week in Alaska already


  1. Hi Sandy, I'm enjoying your blog and all those wonderful pictures you're posting. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Sandy, I am just catching up on your adventure... I love it....

  3. Uncle Sandy, Love the wet dog and bear stories, as well as the great pics! The closest I ever got to a black bear was along the highway between home and State College, but the bear was football fields away up on the side of the highway (with the traffic stopped to watch), but never had one run across the road in front of me! Have fun and stay safe, Beth

  4. No mention of the seafood? Looks like a great place to get some good fish.