Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rancheria Falls To Whitehorse & Chicken AK

July 3rd

Here at the Whitehorse YT public Library 60.43 N, 135.03 W 50Degrees F.

Probably the last civilization until Fairbanks. Actually got some tap water today to fill up a water jug for Leo. Also some good coffee from a Starbucks – no WIFI there though.

Checked out the steamship Klondike here in Whitehorse – was in service until 1955. Looks like too many dams have now made it impractical. By the way, passed the Continental Divide. If Leo gets swept away in a fast moving stream, he gets to swim all the way to the Bering Sea.

Good night last night even though it did rain some. No wild game except for an eagle and one dead beaver by the side of the road at Swan Lake. I did not bother to take pics of the beaver.

Tourist information said the road to Dawson City and to Chicke Alaska is open. About 70 miles of dirt road – but we can deal with that. So it is Dawson tonight then on to Chicken – Top of the World Highway they call it.

Sirius radio works well up here. I think I’ve heard every song Willie Nelson ever sang..

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