Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5th - Fairbanks and on to Prudhoe Bay.

This is from the Fairbanks Visitors Center. It is raining and Leo is stuck in the car. He is not a happy dog right now. Again, the territory is beautiful. Saw three moose this morning, Some pics enclosed. Also some of the old WWII equipment from the original construction of the ALCAN Highway - not well preserved. And my first glimpse of the "Pipeline" The rivers are low and flat and wide and swift and cold - again , a few pics. This will probably be the last post for a couple of days until I get back from Prudhoe.

Fairbanks is about the size of Jamestown NY or Petersburg VA - without the additional sprawl. There is actually a Mc Donalds - and I'm hoping for a Walmart for some water and ice

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