Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Headed toward the back end of the pipeline

One week in Alaska. I started looking at the start of the pipeline, tomorrow I will see the end of the pipeline at Valdez.

On the way up the Kenai Peninsula today, I took a few more pics of the Russian River – Salmon Capital of the World and of magnificent Kenai Lake. Note the greenish color of the Russian River – very swift, very pretty and rich in quartz and other minerals. People still pan it for gold.

Got into Anchorage and did the second oil change on the car. CH2MHill , Schlumberger and Halliburton all have big office buildings here – Any surprise? The gas stations here all have spill kits at the pump islands – Despite big oil, they are all very environmentally conscious.

Also passed the magnificent Matanuska River Valley and the glacier. It is obvious that the glacier has receded quite a bit and recently. Looking at the flat shale and mud area, the older melted areas have some lichens and some grasses that have taken hold – you can see green, But as you look closer to the glacier, it is all mud and shale and no vegetation has taken hold yet. Must be receding relatively rapidly.

Anyway, Valdez tomorrow, then back up Highway 1 toward Canada so I can go south to Haines and Skagway. Those two will be the last visits in Alaska before I head toward BC and meander into Vancouver. Probably another 5-6 days before I get there – then maybe a shower?

360.9 miles today, 85 Miles NE of Valdez, Squirrel Creek Park. 52 F, Drizzle
61.40 N, 145.10 W

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