Saturday, July 24, 2010

Out of the Mountains onto the Prairie

Started the day in Sandpoint ID at the Days Inn. Leo enjoyed his stay. I plotted out a general vicinity for a campground that I could reach by 5;30 or so, so off we go. First we passed the little known Moyie River Canyon and Dam – also a small (by Coulee standards) but not insignificant hydroelectric plant. Bridge over the canyon was over 400 ft.

Then iInto Montana. First into Kalispell where my brother Stu and I visited 32 years ago just about this time when I got out of he Army. It was a charming town then. It is still charming if you like small casinos and convenience stores for people in RVs headed to Glacier Park. Not so charming anymore. Passed Glacier Park – again – like Denali. Lots of RVs, lots of tourists. I skipped the park. But, got some great pics of white water rafting in the area on the Kootenai River – starts in Canada, flows into the Columbia.

Then through Blackfoot Country. Casinos – but cigarettes are $54.00 a carton or more (for Marlboro and Newport) Shortly after Cut Bank, it goes from mountains to prairie in about 30 miles – just amazes me the transition. Also amazed by the prairie trains. See Amtrak coming.

In one of the weat fields – just standing, I saw big buck Elk – huge rack. From a distance, I first though it was a piece of farm machinery – maybe an irrigation point or something . Then when I got up on him, it was too late for the camera. Oh well.

So finally made it to Willow Lake Campground – see if you can find the Willows – I can’t. Big lake. No one here and Leo has had a lot of room to play and swim. Now he’s listening to coyotes in the distance. Ought to make for a fun night.

369.1 miles today, 48.24 N, 111.15 W

Battery Low - more Pics Later

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