Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Worthington Glacier and Valdez

Stopped at the Worthington Glacier this a.m. and Leo and I tried to climb to the base. We made some good progress but soon the size of the rocks became a problem for him. He also decided that it was fun to go down some step falls but he could not climb back up. We had to backtrack and near the top of the climb when he could not quite get to me, he had a very panicked look on his face. But we made it all safe and sound. Then on through Thompson Pass – still snow on the ground. Coming down through into Valdez valley, sheer rock walls several hundred feet up on either side of the road. In some cases, overhanging the road – a little scary because it is obvious that sometimes the rock comes down. Waterfalls along the way were beautiful. Pics don’t do them justice.

Got to Valdez Harbor. There are a few places along the way where the pipeline pokes up above ground again but down here , for the most part it is buried. Prince William Sound is maybe two miles across and the town of Valdez is on one side, the terminal is on the other side of the town – see pic of the gray-green tank farm with the tanker being loaded. Not terribly impressive to look at but impressive when you think about it. All of the buildings are the same gray-green. The Port on the town side is set up to handle fising vessels. No sign of oil from the Exxon Valdez. Totem is in front of Prince William Sound College.

Stopped at Copper Center to check out the small museum there. Got to hand it to the early settlers here. Alaska must have been daunting. Though I could get some copper souvenirs – no such luck.

So, tonight we are about 30 miles NW of the Canadian Border. It is about 250 miles to Haines then a ferry ride to Skagway – both in AK – So I figure I will be in Canada for about 5 hours tomorrow , then back into AK and the following night in Whitehorse.

Have not had a lot of access to tap water for the last 3-4 nights except for when I stop and use the restroom in gas stations. Finally tonight I found a secluded campsite and heated up three bottles of water and took a “bath” and shaved. Feel better. Weather is great tonight. 73 when I pulled in, cooling of a little now. Sun & mixed could. 403.4 miles, 84,778. Deadman’s Lake AK, 62.58 N, 141.38 W

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