Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is probably the last real wilderness of the trip. This was 400 miles of unspoiled forest and mountains. Lake after lake, lodge pole pine and birch and beautiful streams, valleys and rivers. See pic of Dease Lake and Bulkey River. Also , home to black bears. Although I did not see any today– trying to stay on the road – some folks in a car right behind me saw two together at Iskut River.

The road is very narrow and windy with no shoulders, no striping – at least for the first 300 miles from north to south. And if you go off the edge of the road, it is at least an 8 foot ditch if not a cliff on either side.. And about 80 – 100 miles between gas stations. But, no Old Navy signs, No CVS, Walgreens, Sheets or Walmart either. Did see an overturned semi and a car – took pics of the semi.

Got to Smithers and it is a real town. At the foothills of the Rockies. Farms complete with horse, cows and hay. Weather is beautiful. Smithers is a nice , clean modern small town. Looks like the kind of place where you would want to live.

Here at Tyhee Lake. Provincial Park. Beautiful place – pic of the lake attached. You can see a field of cut hay in the foreground. The attendant at the campground said that there are two black bears that have been spotted in the park the las couple of days – but don’t worry – they’re “neighborhood” bears. Now what the heck is a “neighborhood” bear? Also a very “cheeky” (her term) fox that will jump up on people’s picnic table. Treat tonight. Leo and I got a steak at Safeway. Ohh Baby. But we will clean up our scraps so the bears and the fox don’t get them Tomorrow we will get to the edge of Jasper.

491.5 Miles today, 54.42 N, 127.02 W

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