Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Alaskan Cruise - aboard the Malaspina

Rode on the Ferry Malaspina from Haines to Skagway. First had a really great fresh halibut meal in Haines before I left. I’d go back to Alaska just for that fish.

The cruise to Skagway was incredible. It was only a little over an hour but the views of the fjords and the cliffs are incredible. Surprisingly wide. We passed two different cruise ships. Counting the Ryndam docked at Haines, I have seen the Norwegian Peal, the Norwegian Star and the Coral Carnival. Arrived in to Skagway late, everything except the bar were closed and it was cold and windy. So, got a few pics of the town and the snowplow on steroids and Leo and I headed to the Dyea Road campgrounds. One of the most wonderful but unknown parks in Alaska. Just watch out – this is bear country too, just like Chillkat last night.

Only 65.9 miles today by car, 59.30 N, 135.21 W Last night in AK

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